Q. Do you really donate to charities and shelters?

A. Yes we do. We donate anywhere from 10-20% of all net profits at least once a year.

Q. If so, then who do you donate to?

A. We donate a portion of profits and items from our pet supplies section to local animal shelters in the Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Southern New Jersey areas. The rest of the stores net profits portions are donated to Animal Welfare Charities worldwide. Although it varies depending on who we are currently sponsoring and/or donating to. (Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers, Whales, a combination of animals, etc.) That is why we need your help!

Q. Where do you ship from?

A. We ship from our partnered warehouses and factories located in the US & around the world. Notice, when ordering more than one item, expect them to be shipped separately, as our factories specialize in different areas of manufacturing.

Q. Where is your company located?

A. We are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A. Items usually take 10-40 business days to arrive. Shipping times will vary from product-to-product, based on the demand and shipping location.

Q. When and will I receive a tracking number?

A. You will be emailed a "Your item has been shipped" email with the tracking number after your item has been processed. Usually takes between 2-5 business days.

Q. I don't live in the US can I still place an order?

A. Yes but... We ship worldwide but some countries are harder to ship to than others. (Shipping cost, location, availability, customs, and other factors effect whether or not we ship to your country for FREE if at all) Contact us with any questions you may have about your country and whether or not we can ship to you.

Q. Is shipping FREE?

A. We ship absolutely FREE to most countries including the US, Canada, France, Australia, the UK and others. Check our shipping policy page for more details.

Q. How can I pay?

A. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, and of course PayPal.

Q. If I place an order is it safe and secure?

A. Yes, we are protected by McAfee, and have safe, secure SSL checkout with fraud protection. You are safe with us! (You should be able to see the McAfee badge floating around in the corner while you browse the store!)

Q. If I enter and give out my email will you sell or share my information?

A. No, we do not share or sell our customer's information. Emails we receive are strictly for order confirmations, shipping info, follow-ups, newsletters, coupon codes, discounts, and promotions.

Q. Will I have to pay customs fee?

A. For most countries you will not have to pay customs, but it depends on where are you located, weight, and number of items ordered. 

Q. Am I able to buy in bulk?

A. Yes, email us at to get more details and discounted prices for bulk items.

Q. Are Elephants really that AWESOME?

YES! Of course they are, see the logo. Read about them here.

Q. You sell animal themed products but are they environmentally friendly?

A. Yes, all of our products are VEGAN, eco-friendly, healthy, safe, and best for the environment. We do not carry any items that have leather, harsh chemicals, hurt animals, or the environment, or have a history of animal abuse and/or testing. (If you notice any products that you feel are not animal friendly and/or harmful in any way please feel free to contact us and let us know. Thank you!)

Q. Do you really answer emails?

A. Yes we do. We have an extremely small staff but try our best to get back to you with any questions or problems you may have with in 24 hours.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at