Benefits of Wooden Wristwatches

Vintage Pocket Watches

Watches have been around for centuries. With many types and styles including pocket watches, clock-watches (worn around the neck), and eventually timepieces that found their way from our pockets to our wrist. The many varieties available allowed us to style them to our wardrobe and are even seen as a status symbol. Mainly worn as jewelry, watches have become more stylish than functional.

Maybe because of all the hype around watches, the phone companies decided to get in on the fun and started to create their own type of watches. Making smartwatches that do just about everything the phone does while still being able to tell time and such. 

If you are looking for something that is functional, great looking and great for the environment. Now you may say, surely no watch exist with those qualities.

Wooden Watches are Green!

Yes, I say, they do exist. Enter the Wooden Wristwatch! Handcrafted usually out of scrap wood pieces from sustainable and recyclable wood yards. Making wooden watches eco-friendly and great for the environment. Our watches are made with several different types of wood and vegan materials. Our stainless steel bands and clasps, high-quality movements, and wood finish are all vegan and eco-friendly as well. 

Wooden Timepieces are Hypoallergenic.

wooden wristwatch eco-safe

Since the wood and sealers used are all natural with no harsh chemicals, wooden watches are great for sensitive skin types. Skin problems such as dry skin, allergies, skin sensitivity, and general skin troubles are not a problem when wearing our wooden watches. 

Sever Contact Dermatitis from wearing different types of watch bands.

sever contact dermatitis
rubber band allergy

Durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance.

Wooden watches are also long-lasting and almost maintenance free. The high-quality Quartz movements (Primarily Miyota, Seagull and Seiko movements are used) are fine-tuned and hand built to make sure they work properly. The Quartz watches are fitted with batteries that last 3 to 6 years before needing to be replaced. Another great choice that is also a Quartz Watch is Chronograph Timepieces. Basically a stopwatch with a style that can be worn on your wrist. 
PLEASE NOTE: Remove batteries from Quartz movement watches when storing for long periods of time. Batteries may be faulty and leak, ruining your watches movement.

Some of our wooden watches have Mechanical or Automatic movements which are easy to use. Simply wear the watch to activate the internal gears on the movement. The watch will continue to work while you wear it.
PLEASE NOTE: Mechanical watches are filled with oil to keep the parts moving free. Oil may dry if stored too long causing the movement to freeze. It is best to wound and wear mechanical watches often to keep them working their best. 

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