Wooden watches have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. Sales of these awesome looking watches have soared yet people don't actually know how to care for them. Although affordable, these watches still need a little tender loving care. Once you figure out how easy it actually is you are set. They are crafted with such care and it only makes sense to take care of it. Here are some helpful tips we have put together for you.

  • To start off, keep your watch away from extreme heat. Sounds obvious but remember these watches are made of wood which may or may not burn easily. So take care when say you are next to a stove or in the sauna. Being made out of wood these watches are prone to heat expansion and discoloration from being exposed to too much heat including being out in the sun all day.
  • Besides heat, you also have to worry about keeping the watch away from water and moisture. These eco-friendly watches are usually made of recycled material and are environmentally friendly. But certain environments are not so good for it. Prolonged exposure to water can cause the wood to rot even though they are coated or pre-treated during manufacturing. Wood is not waterproof but can absorb moisture, ruining the watches internal movements and gears. So with all that being said, taking baths or dips in the pool with these watches are not recommended. 
  • Another part of maintenance on Quartz watches requires changing the battery. Although the batteries last a few years they will eventually run out and need to be replaced. It is best to take your watch to a professional as you may damage the watch if done on your own. Some watches have an automatic or a mechanical movement and do not need batteries. Just keep the watch going and the kinetic energy does the rest. 
  • And finally, store your wooden watch properly. Our wood watches usually come with a wooden box but one can be purchased rather cheaply if it did not. Keep it safe and away while not in use as to not get damaged or scratched. Do not place heavy objects on it or place it in a spot where it can fall or be broken. 

Wood watches look and work great, and because of the materials commonly used, are environmentally friendly. If you love watches, wooden watches will make a great addition to your collection. They also make great gifts to environmentally conscious friends and family. 

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