Our Mission and Promise

Our aspirations give us the ability to serve as a link between the preservation of beautiful creatures, and a community of faithful patrons. Nothing means more to us than making high-quality products for a great cause. A portion of our net profits is donated annually to Animal Welfare Charities. The charities we choose are then free to use the funds however they see fit in helping to protect wildlife.

A Few of our Collections to get you started:


Bracelets & Bangles


Below are organizations we believe are amazing and help all animals as well as endangered, critically endangered, and domesticated animals.



We would also like to thank all of the multiple local animal shelters around the Bucks County and Philadelphia areas. 

By purchasing from our store, you are not just getting great products made right here in the USA, but you're also directly helping these rescue organizations save more lives. Our aspirations give us the ability to serve as a link between the preservation of beautiful creatures, and a community of faithful patrons willing to help with fundraising for a noble cause. 

The Creature Getup Charity Collection

What we hope to accomplish:

For Animals -  We hope to create awareness and spread the word on endangered species everywhere. Also to help domestic animals find homes and not be used and abused and then thrown away.

For Us - We hope to spread awareness and help others stand up to deadly diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, and Addiction. With our collection of necklaces, bangles, and bracelets, we hope to inspire and get others to notice our many issues both young and older woman face every day. Continue to fight and carry on and choose to never give up.

We believe in choosing to sell only VEGAN products and take pride in having cruelty and animal free products that DO NOT use leather or harsh chemicals that may hurt our environment. Although we are an animal-themed boutique, we do not feel the need to actually use animals in our products!

We are opposed to hunting and fishing merely for sport. Animals should not be hunted for sport nor should they be killed for their fur, tusk, claws, or skin. We believe that the planet is violent enough and that animals and humans can and may live in harmony. 

We support the rights and free speech of all associations and activist who fight and have fought for the rights of animals wild or domesticated. We stand behind promoting peace and spreading awareness in any and every way possible.

If you would like to help us with donations to these websites and more, please take a few minutes to browse the site. We are sure there are more than a few things you will love. If you are an animal enthusiast, love our planet & each other and want to show your support, please consider viewing our Awareness Ribbon Collection. Thank you and Happy Shopping!

-The Creature Getup

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