Top 10 Dog Breeds in the U.S.A

If you live in the US then you know how much of a fascination we have Dogs! They are loyal, loving, protective and just all around awesome pets and companions to have around. Whether you use dogs for herding on farms, hunting, catching, or just as a hiking buddy they are always down. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and have fought alongside us, used for search and rescue missions, used as service dogs for those with disabilities, and/or to keep people company on long trips or in the house.

Here are the Top 10 Dog Breeds in America based on ownership:

Starting off the list: Shameless Plug!

Number 10 is the Dachshund (badger hound). A small breed known for its short stubby legs and lovable personality. They are fierce and were bred 300 years ago to scent, flush out, and chase badgers and other small burrow-dwelling animals. 

  •  Origin: Germany
  • Temperament: Stubborn, courageous, lively, devoted, playful, clever
  • Colors: Black, black/tan, chocolate, chocolate/cream, cream, tan, blue, red
  • 16-33lbs
  • 12-16 years life span


    Number 9 is the large and robust, loyal, and sometimes goofy, Rottweiler. A fearless, protector of its family members, yet known for being cuddly couch potatoes. Originally bred in Germany to drive cattle, pull carts for farmers, and protect farm animals.


    •  Origin: Germany
    • Temperament: Fearless, self-assured, calm, courageous, alert, confident, good-natured, obedient, loyal, steady
    • Colors: Black, blue, tan, mahogany
    • Female: 77-110lbs, Male: 110-130lbs
    • 8-10 years lifespan


      Number 8 is the Poodle. An ancient breed originally bred for hunting. Mostly known for its distinct haircuts, this allergy-friendly breed makes a great family pet.


      •  Origin: Germany, France (Hypoallergenic)
      • Temperament: Active, intelligent, trainable, faithful, alert, energetic
      • Colors: Apricot, black, black/tan, white, cream, black/white, blue, sable, silver, brown, grey, red
      • Several types of Poodle exist: Toy: 9.5-11", Miniature: 11-14", Medium: 14-18", Standard: 18-24"
      • 12-15 years life span


        Number 7 is the hyper, athletic, mushed face goofball, the Boxer. Owners who own Boxers are just as loyal as the breed and love to brag how about awesome they are. A direct descendant of the Bullenbeisser, an extinct dog breed used to hunt boar. 

        • Origin: Germany
        • Temperament: Brave, confident, energetic, cheerful, playful, loyal, devoted, bright, intelligent, friendly, 
        • Colors: Fawn, brindled, with or without white markings, white
        • Female: 55-64lbs, Male: 60-72lbs
        • 10-12 years life span

          Number 6 is the small, rowdy, and adorable Yorkshire Terriers. The "Yorky" or "Yorkies" are small but don't tell them that. These little guys have huge personalities, make great pets, and were the first therapy dogs. These little guys started out as ratters (used to catch rats) in England.

          • Origin: Yorkshire, England (Hypoallergenic)
          • Temperament: Confident, courageous, intelligent, bold, brave, adorable
          • Colors: black/tan, blue/tan, black/gold, blue/gold
          • 7-15lbs
          • 13-16 years life span

            Number 5 is the coolest looking dogs on skateboards, the Bulldog! These pudgy little guys are actually not that small and pack a lot of power in those stocky bodies. Known for being headstrong, they really need owners who understand how to care for powerful breeds. Bred in the UK for Bull baiting until its banning in 1835.

            • Origin: United Kingdom, England
            • Temperament: Gregarious, willful, powerful, docile, friendly, stubborn
            • Colors: White, fawn, piebald, brindle/white, red/white, red brindle, fawn/white, red
            • Female: 40-51lbs, Male: 51-55lbs
            • 8-10 years life span

              Number 4 is the Beagles (Loudmouth in French). These wonderful dogs were widely used as hunting dogs. One of the oldest dog breeds, in fact so old its exact origins are unknown. 

              • Origin: (Unknown) Thousands of Years Old Breed, Snoopy is a Beagle
              • Temperament: Gentle, determined, excitable, intelligent, amiable, even-tempered
              • Colors: Lemon/white, tri-color, chocolate tri, brown/white, red/white, orange/white, white/tan
              • Female: 20-22lbs, Male: 22-24lbs
              • 12-15 years life span

                Number 3 is the always popular Golden Retriever. A large breed with an even bigger heart and high pain tolerance. They make great pets and have a very easy going demeanor. They were bred as gun dogs used to retrieve shot waterfowl.

                • Origin: Scotland
                • Temperament: confident, trustworthy, friendly, kind, intelligent, reliable, loyal
                • Colors: cream, golden, dark golden, light golden
                • Female: 55-71lbs, Male: 65-80lbs
                • 10-12 years life span

                  Number 2 on the list is the German Shepherd Dog (once known as the Alsatian in Britain and Ireland). A large, powerful breed used for herding and protecting flock. Nowadays they are mostly used as working dogs for policemen, search and rescue teams, or for personal protection. These loyal companions make great pets and being number 2 on the list shows just how great they really are. 

                  • Origin: Germany
                  • Temperament: Courageous, intelligent, confident, alert, loyal, obedient, watchful, aloof, suspicious of strangers
                  • Colors: black, black/tan, red/black, black/silver, sable, grey
                  • Female: 49-72lbs, Male: 66-88lbs
                  • 9-13 years life span

                    Number 1 is, of course, the Labrador Retriever. A type of retriever- gun dog that loves water. They are a large active dog that has an unusually long life span for a large breed. They come in a variety of colors and make great, lovable, loyal companions. This amazing breed continues to top the list and rightly so. Voted most popular breed in Canada and in the United Kingdom as well.

                    • Origin: Newfoundland (St. John's water dog, ancestor)
                    • Temperament: Outgoing, kind, gentle, agile, intelligent, even-tempered, trusting, loyal
                    • Colors: black, chocolate, yellow
                    • Female: 55-72lbs, Male: 64-80lbs
                    • 10-14 years life span
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                      Here is a list of 10 more dogs that are also popular in the US but just didn't make the top 10 list.

                      11. Shih Tzu

                      12 Doberman Pinscher

                      13 Miniature Schnauzer

                      14 French Bulldog

                      15 German Short-haired Pointer

                      16 Siberian Husky

                      17 Great Dane

                      18 Chihuahua

                      19 Pomeranian

                      20 King Charles Spaniel


                      Don't see your favorite breed of dog here? Feel free to comment down below about your what is your favorite dog. Tell us what you love most about them and why you feel they should be on the list.

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